5 Animal Friendly Beauty Products You Can Trust

If you are someone that is in search of makeup that is cruelty free i.e., not tested on harmless innocent animals, then don’t be fooled by those who tell you that there aren’t many brands that you will find that haven’t been tested on animals. There are several cruelty free as well as vegan makeup brands to choose from ranging from high-end to low-end products. You no longer have to worry about looking for hours to find things like the most organic and best mascara for sensitive eyes. Following is a list of brands that are cruelty free that you can add to your makeup kit right now!

Kat Von D Beauty

We are sure you all must have heard of the famous tattoo artist Kat Von D. Her makeup brand is not only outstanding but amazingly affordable. She offers products that range in the shades of nude to sharp and colorful. They have an eyeshadow palette to die for, especially if you are someone who is obsessed with matte eyeshadows. As far as cruelty free brands go, this one is our top favorite! They even have a marvelous collection of matte lip colors apart from their contour as well as eyeshadow palettes. These are must have products for any makeup lover.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

This brand basically specializes in eyebrow products and they are one of the best that you will find out there. Their variety is huge as it ranges from pencil brow liners to pomade to powder. They are also available in a variety of shades to choose from. If you are someone that has difficulty finding the right shade to fill in your brows, this is the brand for you. Anastasia has expanded her collection to a lot more products now. You will not only find her eyebrow products appealing but will also fall in love with her much sought after highlight palettes as well as her contour palettes.

Pro Tip: Always own their Dipbrow. This brand isn’t only cruelty free, but it is also one of the top makeup brands out there.


As far as high quality cruelty free luxurious makeup in pretty packaging goes, Hourglass is the right fit. From their Ambient Lighting Powder which works well with all skin types to their Veil Mineral Primer and Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation, you can be sure that neither one of these products will disappoint you.

Urban Decay (L’oreal)

While the brand has made a name for itself by being edgy and bold, you will find several neutral products that you can enjoy. Urban Decay’s Primer Potion is one of the best eyeshadow primers out there that works well with oily skin. Pair that up with their All-Nighter Setting Spray and you are good to go for a whole day. You will also like their pigmented and buttery eyeshadows to your liking as they are available in intriguing shades that are both bold as well as neutral. The same is the case with their much sought after Naked palettes, which we are sure you must have heard of.


This is a cutting edge makeup brand that offers several richly pigmented bold colors but also has products in neutral shades. You will like their Hollow Cream Pigment best for contouring especially for lighter skin types.

While there are still several makeup brands out there that test products on animals, these ones are in our list of those that are cruelty free and do not test makeup on animals. So even if you are looking for the best mascara for sensitive eyes, go for a brand that is organic and animal friendly!