Pain Relieving Cremes
July 30, 2010
Ben Gay Pain Relief & Massage Menthol Gel, 3oz. Tube [J&J]
Ben Gay Pain Relief & Massage Menthol Gel, 3oz Tube [J&J]
  • $6.83, or $2.28/oz*
  • Tube with rigid, nubbed applicator head and on/off overcap
  • 2.5% menthol in clear vanishing gel
  • "No mess"
  • "Deep penetrating, vanishing scent"
  • Contains camphor at levels below FDA active range
  • 1-800 number & website on package
  • 17 month expiry (3/12)
  • Excellent vanishing gel; no mess
  • Expensive option with low menthol level; pay for convenience

* = Walmart pricing, [10/12/10]

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Precise Pain Relieving Cream from the Makers of Tylenol, 2.5oz Tube
Precise Pain Relieving Cream from the Makers of Tylenol, 2.5oz Tube
  • $6.99*
  • $2.80/oz [1.26x BenGay, or +$2.55/unit]
  • 10% menthol/30% methyl salicylate in vanishing cream
  • Goes on white; drys clear
  • Non-greasy leaves clear film
  • Claim:  Deep penetrating; start to feel on contact
  • Claim:  Targeted relief for muscle and joint pain
  • Claim:  From the makers of Tylenol
  • 1-800 number on package
  • No website found
  • Expiry 1/12, or 18 months
  • Descent formulation of conventional formula

* = Target pricing, [7/21/10]

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September 28, 2010
Aspercreme Max - Arthritis Strength, 2.5oz Roll On


Aspercreme Max
Aspercreme Max  Arthritis Strength, 2.5oz Roll On [Chattem/Sanofi]


  • $4.12/unit, $1.65/oz*
  • Ball roll-on in plastic can
  • 16% menthol (maximum allowed)
  • "Powerful Heating Action"
  • "No mess"
  • Does not contain trolamine salicylate like base brand and trademark imply
  • Strong menthol odor
  • Contains capsaicin at level below FDA approved active range
  • No 1-800 number or website URL
  • Product not on company website
  • Expiry 20 months [5/12]
  • Non-salicylate, non-odor free menthol formula with capsaicin contravenes brand heritage
* = Walmart pricing, 9/28/10
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October 16, 2010
Ironman Muscle Rub Gel, 3oz Tube [Mentholatum]
Ironman Gel
Ironman Muscle Rub Gel, 3oz Tube [Mentholatum]
  • $6.99 (on sale); $2.33/oz
  • Tube with standard snap cap
  • Manufactured by Mentholatum; brand license from World Triathlon Corporation
  • Mid-range 3%camphor/4% menthol clear gel
  • Three listed botanical "inactive" ingredients
  • Packaging makes several blatant unapproved drug claims for botanicals
  • 1-800 number on package; no website listed
  • 16-month expiry [2/12]
  • Good vanishing gel; goes on blue then disappears
  • Drug claims for botanicals neither approved in analgesic  monograph nor allowed under DSHEA

* = Walgreen's pricing [10/2/10]

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